The Buyers

A Film by Felicia Manning

Short Film


A new homeowner grows suspicious of a neighborly couple eager to help her unpack.


In the midst of a chaotic move, Adriana struggles to find a mysterious item her husband desperately needs for work. When a seemingly friendly couple, Felix and Carol, unexpectedly arrive to help unpack, their presence carries an unsettling air of mystery. As the day progresses, Adriana's suspicions deepen, revealing a web of hidden intentions and deceit. In "The Buyers," a gripping psychological drama unfolds, blurring the lines between trust and intrusion.

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Upcoming Screens


SCAD Savannah Film Festival

Friday, October 27


Savannah, GA

SCAD Museum of Art

601 Turner Blvd,

Savannah, GA 31401


Felicia Manning

Director, Writer, Producer

Samantha Wilson

Writer, Producer

Jesse Aragon

Director of Photography

Credits — Crew

  • Countries of production - USA
  • Director - Felicia Manning
  • Writer - Samantha Wilson
  • Executive Producer - Feee Films
  • Producer - Felicia Manning
  • Producer - Jessica Barr
  • Line Producer - Julia Rexon
  • Director of Photography - Jesse Aragon
  • 1st AC - Matthew Johnson
  • 1st AD - Maria Valdez
  • Production Designer - Sydney Costa
  • Sound Mixer - Tyler Shields

Credits — Crew

  • Gaffer - Conor Soules
  • Key Grip - John Landry
  • Best Boy Grip - Joey Simpson
  • Wardrobe Styling - Giselle Carrillo
  • Hair & Makeup Artist - Kelly De La Cerda
  • DIT - Alex Troxler
  • Production Assistant - Ashlen Burns
  • Drone Operator - Camden Remington
  • Title Sequence - Rudy Manning
  • Re-recording Mixer - John Chamberlin
  • Sound Effects Editor - Evan J. Haley
  • Original Score - Landslide Sound

Credits — Cast

  • Marissa Pistone as Adriana
  • Michele Karpel as Carol
  • Will Roberts as Felix
  • Rory Manning as Ollie
  • Christian Montes as Jack