The Buyers

A Film by Felicia Manning



A new homeowner grows suspicious of a neighborly couple eager to help her unpack.


Stressed from a chaotic move, Adriana is busy unpacking her house with her two boys running around. The chaotic move has made it hard to locate all their belongings, including a mysterious "something" her husband desperately needs for work. While the kids play around the house, a pair of neighbors, Felix and Carol, knock on the door and introduce themselves, curious to meet the family and have a look around. But stressed from the move, Adriana politely turns them away. Carol insists on gaining entry into the house and helping unpack, offering to come back in a little while. After gaining entry into the house Adriana learns that Carol and Felix are not her neighbors, but enraged that her family bought a house they could never afford. With Adriana in danger, her husband arrives home just in time, or maybe not.

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Upcoming Screens


Thursday, April 28

10:30PM PST

Dallas, TX

Violet Crown

3699 McKinney Ave


Felicia Manning


Samantha Wilson


Jesse Aragon

Director of Photography

Credits — Crew

  • Countries of production - USA
  • Director - Felicia Manning
  • Writer - Samantha Wilson
  • Executive Producer - Feee Films
  • Producer - Felicia Manning
  • Producer - Jessica Barr
  • Line Producer - Julia Rexon
  • Director of Photography - Jesse Aragon
  • Production Designer - Sydney Costa
  • Sound Mixer - Tyler Shields
  • 1st AC - Maria Valdez

Credits — Crew

  • Gaffer - Conor Soules
  • Key Grip - John Landry
  • Best Boy Grip - Joey Simpson
  • Wardrobe Styling - Giselle Carrillo
  • Hair & Makeup Artist - Kelly De La Cerda
  • DIT - Alex Troxler
  • Production Assistant - Ashlen Burns
  • Drone Operator - Camden Remington
  • Title Sequence - Rudy Manning
  • Re-recording Mixer - John Chamberlin
  • Sound Effects Editor - Evan J. Haley
  • Original Score - Landslide Sound

Credits — Cast

  • Marissa Pistone as Adriana
  • Michele Karpel as Carol
  • Will Roberts as Felix
  • Rory Manning as Ollie
  • Christian Montes as Jack