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Feee Films partnered with Sage Automotive Interiors, a global leader in automotive interior materials, to create a series of videos highlighting their commitment to sustainability. Our team utilized remote production expertise to coordinate multiple shoots in Gayley, South Carolina and Florence, Italy. Our team managed the entire production process, from creating moodboards and shot lists to production schedules and sourcing local crew for both locations. We ensured that all footage was captured with a cohesive look and feel, resulting in a visually stunning and unified final product. The videos showcase Sage's sustainability efforts through their product, process, and mission focus, and illustrate their commitment to creating eco-friendly materials and reducing waste. With over 30 corporate and partner locations worldwide, Sage's sustainability measures are having a significant impact on the world. The collaboration between Feee Films and Sage was a success, showcasing the power of remote production and creative collaboration in bringing a company's sustainability mission to life through engaging video content.

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This series demonstrates Sage's dedication to creating a better, more sustainable future, and highlight the importance of sustainable practices in the automotive interior industry.
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